The Meninisms Show EP 10: Why you should NEVER vote for Hillary

Welcome to our 10th episode of The Meninisms Podcast! This week we tell you, the american people, our fellow meninists, why you should NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton. We know you probably already know that she is the worst human being on the planet, but in this show we dive deep into the ridiculously deep pool of Clinton scandals to tell you why. From Travelgate, to whitewater, to Benghazi and much much more, we shed some light on the former first lady and completely useless senators dark past. We also chat with the republican side of the @HypocriteTwins about climate change, and Freddy from @Stop_The_left joins us to talk about the utopia of socialism.

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Brought to you by Jactaboss Brewing Company –
music provided by @Djdoubletake & @JaxKillaton





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