Fedora Wearing Juggalo Sets Out On A Quest To Find The Lost City Of Atlantis (Yes, Really)


Do you trust this man to find Atlantis?  This is the mysterious face of Ian “King Highbone” Mallory of the High Rollaz Inner Circle.  And he’s on a quest.  What kind of quest you ask?  Well this quest is a quest of historical and epic proportion.  I don’t see why anyone would be more qualified to complete this task that so many have failed, than King Highbone.  Basically to make a long epic and sexy story short, King Highbone and his juggalo bros are gamers.  Gamers who evidently received a divine message from Myan elders, that they were chosen to go find this lost city.

Words from the legend himself:

“It all started on top of a pyramid in Tical, Guatemala, on the last day of the Mayan calendar,” recalls Mallory. “[A group of Morton’s List gamers and I] traveled there to the Mayan ruins for a Morton’s List meetup event in December 2012. After attending an authentic ritual with Mayan shamans and elders, celebrating the last day of the calendar…we rolled what was destined to be our greatest Morton’s List quest ever.”

Atop the sacred pyramid over three years ago, the players were instructed to “Find Atlantis” via the “Twilight Scroll” table (comprising the final and most extreme activities in the entire game of Morton’s List). Now, in 2016, the group has gathered up enough funds and resources to pursue their mission and is setting out for the lost city at last.

“My quest is finally coming to fruition. I rolled it over three years ago…But you gotta go hard on these Twilight Scroll quests. Some of the activities listed in [this portion of the game] seem nearly impossible…most people never do what these quests require in their entire lifetime combined, but over the next month or so, I’m going to try.”

So this Juggalo and his gaming buddies packed up their fedoras and set out on their quest to find the lost city and are set to return in March.  What will they uncover?  Well, strap on your finest fedora, because we here at Deadshark Records plan to stay updated and keep you in the know on the voyage with daily installments for all of you who will be anxiously awaiting the news.  And we promise to deliver.



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