Horrorcore Rapper: Spider Saw gets sent back to jail

Shortly after his release, emerging horrorcore artist, Spider Saw is back in trouble with the law again.   We first heard of Spider Saw on The Punkin Patch’s 2014 album, Clown Bait.  He was featured on a song called “It’ll Bite Ya”, which was one of the patch’s most played sounds on spotify and soundcloud.  He then released a few tracks, including one track that was recorded from prison via telephone with DJ Hatebone.

Since his release, he dropped another track with the patch, entitled “I Don’t Feel Like It”.  In this song, he eluded to an incident that happened at a local Burger King, where he had the police called on him for assaulting an employee with a meat patty.  The police were called to the scene, and he was not arrested on site.  It appeared as though Spider Saw settled the case out of court, but the case has resurfaced and Spider Saw is back behind bars again.


Can this wicked rapper get a break?  There is no word on how long he will be locked up for this time, but once again we will probably hear the Punkin Patch yelling “Free Spidersaw” as they have over and over.

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freespidersaw tee


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