Interview with Violent J (Via Hatchet Herald)


With Juggalo Day an astounding success and the era of the new Joker’s Card “The Marvelous Missing Link” upon us, Violent J sat down with Psychopathic publicist J-Webb to discuss what flavor is in store for 2015. This is going to be a DEVASTATING year, Juggalos! GET THE WORD DIRECTLY FROM VIOLENT J HIMSELF!
J-WEBB: So far 2015 is proving to be an amazing year for Psychopathic. ICP just held a free, over sold out, charity concert on Juggalo Day Weekend at the legendary Detroit Masonic Temple. Tell us about your experience that entire weekend.

VIOLENT J: First off was Friday night’s “Big Money Hustlas/Rustlas” dope double feature. Freshness never before done. I put on my old Big Baby Chips outfit that we still kept neatly pressed and primped in our costume room at Psychopathic.  My brother Jumpsteady personally spent weeks organizing all of the costumes and clothes that we’ve used over the years. We’re talkin’ about stage monsters and clown outfits, to all the movie wardrobe, to all the clothes from all the infomercials and videos we’ve done over the years. It’s all organized and labeled. Why you ask?  For just such an occasion as this.
So there we were, Big Baby Chips and Hack Benjamin reunited and snapping photos with the Juggalos as they came in through the door. This was super crazy fresh. Juggalos were mad respectful of each other and moved quickly so we could get to everybody. I’m just glad I don’t live in the old west because my feet were meant to rock gym shoes, not cowboy boots. Them old shit kickers had my bunions on jam after standing in ‘em for two hours.
I watched the Juggalos watching the movies from way in the back. Ninjas knew every line to every scene. It was hilarious.  The Juggalos had a great time watching those two classics back to back. Some wondered why we didn’t show the sci-fi ICP spectacular “Death Racers 2000.”  It’s simple … because that movie sucks! But what everybody really wants to know about is the 3rd chapter of the Big Money Saga.  Of course, I’m talkin’ about the space odyssey “Big Money Thrusters” coming soon to a Netflix near you. Well, maybe not “soon” but it’s definitely coming one day.
After that extremely live event, the Big Money outfits went back into storage. It was now Saturday afternoon and time for JCW action.  Thousands of Juggalos came early to check out the free JCW event and they brought with them an energy that electrified the entire building. The Juggalos popped for every move.  They seemed to all be excited for the concert and that made the mood in the building infectious. “KG” Kevin Gill and Scott Damore did the live commentary over the mic and were crackin’ ninjas up with jokes. Jumpsteady called this event the greatest JCW show he’s ever seen, which says a lot.  It was beyond awesome seeing two JCW fan favorites collide in the main event as The Weedman took on JCW Champ 2 Tuff Tony.  Tony won the match and kept his title and the two shook hands after the match.
Then the doors opened to the main theater. It was huge. It was colossal. Canned food goods were piling up, filling the hallway outside of the theater. We’re talking nothin’ but good shit for the poor and the hungry. Chef Boyardee ravioli, Spaghetti-Os, cheeseburger flavored macaroni and cheese, chili, you name it. All that good food is gonna have little poor kids runnin’ around looking like me.  All fat and full of good hot food.  That’s how we Juggalos do the damn thang. We give a fuck. Thousands of Juggalos brought not just one measly canned good, but full bags worth. They needed a semi-truck to haul all those tasty snacks away, right to my driveway. I’m kidding, but I did want to snag a couple cans of Spaghetti-Os but my good conscience wouldn’t let me.
The theater filled all the way up with 5000 Juggalos. Big Hoodoo and ABK killed it as expected. They are natural pros at playing Juggalo crowds of any size. But nobody knew what to expect from Trick Trick. His show started and he instantly had the Juggalos on jam. He brought a live band and they were fuckin’ rockin’ the crowd with bumpin’ tracks one after another.  Trick Trick won himself 5000 new fans that night.
When Shaggy and I stepped out on that football field sized stage, all we could see were tiny faces crushed against the barricade, their arms waving hysterically.  The place was a sea of Juggalos all the way up to the beautiful art deco, hand crafted ceiling. Well, I don’t know what art deco means or if the roof was hand-crafted but it was all fancy and beautiful like a cathedral.
Here’s a little known fact: Cold Faygos suck. They don’t fly at all. So Billy Bill had the pallets of Faygo warmed up with heat blasters and warming blankets for two full days before the show. Them bitches were warm and toasty. They were exploding when we opened them and they were bouncing off that art deco roof 200 feet up like it wasn’t shit.  The warm Faygos really made a difference in how great the show was because they flew high into the balconies like they had wings.  It was an awesome show.
At one point Sugar Slam came out to sing the hook on the special remix version we did of the song, “Take Me Home,” complete with new lyrics and a new mix just for this concert. It was so dope. I could see Scottie D of Faygo Luvers snappin’ photos and rockin’ along in the pit between the stage and the barricade. Everybody I knew was there having a blast. Every last one of my Detroit homies. The stage was so long and big that instead of our usual 6 dancing clowns, we used 14. We went through three times the amount of Faygo that we usually use on a regular show on tour.  This was like the Gathering, or Hallowicked, this was an extra special night.  Juggalo Day was just an idea we came up with a few years ago as a way for Juggalos to celebrate our existence. Now it’s grown into something real and extra special. And each and every year we will do something special for Juggalo Day from now on, because it is here to stay and it’s here to celebrate. It has actually become a standard Juggalo holiday right along with The Hallowicked Clown Show and the Gathering of the Juggalos. We now have Juggalo Day, another great reason for us all to come together every year.  Cause that’s what its all about. Thats what all our Juggalo holidays are about… excuses to come and be together.

J-WEBB: Psychopathic Radio is back in action running full time. what other flavor can Juggalos expect from the Hatchet in 2015?
VIOLENT J: Shit… 2015 is the official year of the Juggalo! So besides our year round events of flavor and freshness like the above mentioned Hallowicked Clown Show (and its now legendary after partiess), as well as the spectacular Gathering of the Juggalos. And don’t forget the holiday glee of the Big Ballers Christmas Party all going down in 2015.
Ninjas can expect a live Juggalo Championship Wrestling event taking place each and every month from the Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan. If you can’t attend the wrestling shows live, each event will be offered on DVD at Hatchet Gear, so all you ninjas can keep up with the twist and turns happening in the wild world of JCW.
Not to mention in 2015 we’re puttin’ out not one but two brand new ICP albums which make up the 3rd Joker’s Card of the 2nd Deck. Of course were talking about the bright and shiny, “The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)” and “The Marvelous Missing Link (Found)” albums. Complete with about four videos off each album. I don’t know if you’ve been living under a big rock (or replace the r with a c) lately but Psychopathic’s Video department is uber silly dope, son. All you gotta do is check out “Psychopathic: The Videos Vol. 2” and peep all the fresh videos we made for “The Mighty Death Pop,” cause that shit is straight up redickulas son! As dope as dope can get!
Two new albums droppin’ means you can also expect a nationwide ICP concert tour for each album. First off, there will be the “Lost” tour going out in May and June followed by the “Found Tour,” which goes out in September and October all the way to Halloween, you know how we do it. All fresh style. Also in the month of April, 2015 we’re going to be doing several ICP in store appearances to promote the arrival of the “Lost” album.
And in case you muthafackos didn’t know, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the mighty “Riddle Box” album! So there will be several miscellaneous “Riddle Box” concerts taking place throughout the year, where we will be performing the entire “Riddle Box” album live. Plus there will be tons of brand new “Riddle Box” merch at Hatchet Gear
We are working very hard trying to put together a mini gathering for Australia to take place in late 2015 if not then, than definitely it will happen in 2016. You can also expect for more radio shows to be added to Psychopathic Radio as well as many many more surprises popping up through out the year because Psychopathic Records is active and alive bitch, 24/7 all-year around.  We are here to entertain the Juggalo people and we love doing it, it’s all we ever want to do. So expect a lot in 2015 because it is the year of the Juggalo!


J-WEBB: Why does this Jokers Card have two faces? Lost and Found?
VIOLENT J: I believe of all the Joker’s Cards we’ve ever released this one’s message is the most blatant and in your face. It’s not as hidden and subliminal as some of the others. One listen to “The Marvelous Missing Link” and you know immediately what this bad boy is all about.
First, we have “Lost”. Some people are lost. They live life without any hope, or faith. Everything has a negative tint to it because they see the bad side to every situation. The cup is half empty instead of half full. They live life without salvation. They live in fear of death because they believe that’s the end of them. They live with the heavy burden of fear over them and it sucks. It’s painful living in the dark surrounded by fear all the time.
This might sound crazy to you, and I hope it doesn’t, but religion is awesome because it provides people with hope. Look at old lonely people…for many people, God is all they have. But God is all they need. They need hope. We all need hope. God is all we need. I’m not talking about a specific religion, any religion. Faith is all we need. I know that in today’s world, it’s uncool to be religious. You’ve got science constantly shutting down everything the religions say. You got 10,000 religions all battling each other about who’s right or wrong.
But for any person who truly believes in their heart in a greater power, they have hope. They have salvation, they have faith. They lead a happier life. They believe in an afterlife so they don’t fear death. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I want to be. I wanna look at the world in full color. I don’t want an iron mask or mortality stuck to my face. I wanna be free to see things in a positive way. I want faith and salvation.

“The Missing Link” like all other Joker’s Cards is a character of the Dark Carnival.  If you live in the dark without faith, “The Missing Link” will ignore you. Your link will be missing, he won’t come to you because you live without hope. He will hide from you behind his mask. He will avoid you. Your link will be missing, you will not be grounded, you will not be complete. Instead you will be lost, in a freefall going nowhere. But if you can somehow find faith, truly in your heart, if you can find salvation somehow in today’s day and age… if you can find faith in a higher power, of any religion, if you live with hope, he will come to you, he will come to you and complete your link. You will be found. You will be grounded. You will not fear death.  You will see life in full color. you will look at life in a positive light and you will know in your heart there is an afterlife.
This world is set out to scare you. The whole world is based on fear. Look at the news. Look at all the murder shows on TV. If you have faith in your heart, you wont fear any of that shit. Your link will be completed. You won’t wear that heavy iron mask on your face. You won’t carry that heavy burden of fear and worry with you in your life. You can live your life completed. Your link will be found and you will be complete. I hope that makes sense. That is “The Marvelous Missing Link.” All Joker’s Cards leave you with a question to ask yourself. “The Marvelous Missing Link’s” question is, “Is your link Lost or Found?”


J-WEBB: You use a series of different producers on “The Marvelous Missing Link” instead of just one. What led you to this decision?
VIOLENT J:  After doing such a huge project as “The Mighty Death Pop” all with Mike E. Clark, Shaggy and myself decided we wanted to go way out and do something totally different sounding with these albums.  Mike is a versatile ninja, don’t get me wrong, but we wanted our entire recording process to change up for “The Marvelous Missing Link” and what better timing. Remember “The Mighty Death Pop” was a total of four albums. That project was huge, and Mike E. Clark did all of that music himself. Then we followed it up with the “House of Wax” EP that was released within The First Six Joker’s Card Box Set. I think Mike wanted to take a break from the studio for a while anyway because he’s been touring a lot with Kid Rock and taking up the task of learning new things out on the road like house sound and all that. He’s been very busy, and so the timing was just right for us all to take a break. We absolutely love Mike E. Clark and there will be much, much more ICP/ Mike E. Clark music in the future. But for this project, we chose several different ninjas.
One guy we’ve been working with is Se7en from over at the Strange Music camp. That guy is just incredible, he’s beyond amazing. Once we would explain to him exactly what we were looking for, he would nail it down to the finest point of freshness.  He has contributed some head crackin’, pulse pounding tracks that have been fun to fuck with.
Also we’ve been working with our own super ninja, Kuma. He has laid down some tracks and is part of our full-time studio team helping us record and mix these bad boys.
Also we’ve been working with the producer of the 6th Joker’s Card, “Shangri-La” and “Hell’s Pit”: Good ole’ Mike P has returned to the scene and he’s been delivering some super heavy wicked shit our way. SUPER HEAVY
But the main ninja we’ve been working with is Young Wicked aka Otis from AMB. He has fully come around and has become a fuckin’ true prodigy in the studio. He amazes us with his beats and we’ve been using his incredible singing skills on multiple songs. People absolutely can’t believe it’s even him!  His singing is just way off the charts. Plus he’s come a long fuckin’ way in the studio. He can pick up any instrument and freak the fuck out of it, He’s like Prince in this bitch. He is a mainstay here at Psychopathic Records and were mad proud to have him. When we first signed the Axe Murder Boys all those years ago, we felt they had the ability to develop into something amazing one day and they have. “The Garcia Brothers” album is undeniable and as a producer and artist, Young Wicked has grown into a Godzilla of talent. I stand firmly by my words. He is truly unfukwitable.
All in all we miss working with Mike because he’s the ninja of ninjas, but it’s been a blast working on all these way different sounding tracks and stringing them all together to fit as one super phat project. We absolutely fuckin’ love these two new albums. It’s very refreshing, uplifting, and brand new sounding, yet somehow on many of the songs Shaggy and I sound more classic than we have in years.
The other day I was on a long-ass drive and I listened to “The Mighty Death Pop” album. At the time when we first finished “Death Pop,” I thought it sounded like some old school ICP, but after comparing it to, “The Marvelous Missing Link,” I’d say the new albums sound way more ‘90s as far as our vocal pitch and delivery goes, but the tracks sound like some modern ass 2015 hardcore wicked shit. It’s like if you’re dying of thrust and some topless hottie hands you a big gulp cup full of icy lemonade and then blows your dick flute.

J-WEBB:  In your opinion how does the “LOST” album differ from the “FOUND” album?
VIOLENT J:  The “Lost” album is hard, fast, serious and straight to the point of what “The Marvelous Missing Link’s” message is all about.  The message ain’t hidden or anything like that. Instead, it’s crammed right down your throat and shoved up your ass. It’s scary. I handed the album out to five Juggalos to closely review and three mentioned that to them The “Lost” album is scarier than the “Hell’s Pit” album. There is no humor on “Lost.” It’s all about PANIC and SHOCK.  It is a rollercoaster ride through the caverns of hell at full speed. It slows down as it climbs the steep hills but then it winds and whips its way back down at a 1000 miles an hour. It’s also laced with sad and grim stories.  There is a lot of storytelling on both albums. “Lost” is like battling an anxiety attack, yet it’s enjoyable. It’s a guilty pleasure that’s dark and very, very heavy. It’s like standing right in front of the devil… fascinating and terrifying at the same time. It’s like killing somebody but for a good cause. I’d say its some of the best wicked shit we’ve ever made.
The “Found” record is everything ICP is known for, but executed very well.  There is storytelling, humor, sex songs, anthems, party tracks, and then some. This record is about positivity but in ICP’s crazy way. In other words, it’s still violent and bloody at times but it’s not scary. It’s like watching a scary movie with all your homies and some hotties, so it’s an enjoyable scary as to where “Lost” is like watching it alone. “Found” is spiritual and touching and deep at times. “Found” invokes happiness.  It’s like sunshine gleamin off the hood of a fresh ass, new car or a night out on the town with your best friends. Its also got head bangin, fist pounding, rage releasing jams on it. It can also make you ponder, stop and think about things, but in a good way hopefully. It’s like you finally got up and kicked that bully’s ass.  I’d say the “Found” album is classic Insane Clown Posse, thriving’ and schoolin’ shit in 2015, byatch!

J WEBB: Do you have a personal message to the Juggalos you wish to convey?
VIOLENT J: Juggalos! Recognize! 2015 is the year of the Juggalo. We’re hittin’ the road coming to see you whether it’s on the “Lost” tour or the “Found” tour or on one of these fresh extra special “Riddle Box” Shows … we’re coming to see you! So pop the fuckin’ Faygo, ninja! I just have this feeling that this year is going to be incredibly fresh. I have a feeling that a lot of ninjas are going to actually hear the message of “The Marvelous Missing Link” and actually find faith in their lives, what ever that faith is. I have a feeling that this year’s Gathering is going to be really, really fuckin’ dope. It’s the year of the Juggalo!Shaggy just had a wonderful, beautiful baby boy named Ronin who is only like a month old, yet he will kick your ass and that’s awesome! I’m tellin’ ya, 2015 is our year!

Make sure you check out “The Juggalo Show” on every other Thursday night with your host Jumpsteady, The Rude Boy, and KG Kevin Gill
And call the ICP hotline—it’s back yet again! 714-647-2465. It’s now hosted by Chop! That damn hotline is 23 years old and if you’ve never called it, you must be a drunk punk stuck on junk!

–J-Webb & Violent J



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