Special Limited Edition “The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)” Available For Pre-Order on February 17!


Juggalos, we have now officially entered the era of the Third Joker’s Card of the Second Deck from the Dark Carnival…”The Marvelous Missing Link.” This entity from beyond will have two faces…The Lost face and the Found face, each bearing a different message.

On February 17, 2015—Juggalo Day—“The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)” will be available for pre-order from Hatchet Gear for $9.98. But here’s the real flavor: The pre-order version of this album will come packaged in a special 3D hologram cover that will NOT BE AVAILABLE IN STORES OR TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC! The only way to get this special limited edition version of “The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)” is to pre-order the album from Hatchet Gear before the general release date of April 28, 2015. So beginning this Tuesday, February 17, prepare to come face to face with…The Marvelous Missing Link…Limited Edition Style!

Source: @HatchetHerald


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