Crunchy Black Has Warrant Issued – [Faygoluvers]


Yesterday it was widely reported on numerous websites that Crunchy Black has officially gotten a warrant filed against him. It all started back in March of 2014 when he allegedly beat his fiancee in a Minnesota hotel room, and she later locked herself in the bathroom. Police then arrived at the scene and found blood in multiple areas of the hotel room. Upon being arrested, Crunchy was charged with both domestic violence and possession of cocaine. After skipping the second trial date in November of 2014, a warrant was finally issued for his arrest.

Although TMZ reported that his fiancee later stated she was never locked in the bathroom, and that two other men assaulted her prior to police arriving, the warrant for Crunchy is still in effect, and possibly will be charged with contempt of court.

As widely known, Crunchy is a member of the group Da Mafia 6ix, and their newest reunion album titled Watch What U Wish will be released in March of this year. He is also a part of The Killjoy Club, also featuring Da Mafia 6ix, Insane Clown Posse, and Young Wicked, and their debut album Reindeer Games came out last September. Neither parties have commented on this incident yet.



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