Since the highly anticipated release of their debut album, “Clown Bait”, the juggalo worlds newest and favorite horrorcore extravaganza, Punkin Patch has been quiet.  Focusing on promoting their album and videos, we hadn’t heard a new track from this group in over a month.  Then… Boom.  They blow up their soundcloud with a brand new smash hit single featuring almost every member of The Punkin Patch.  A rarity on one single song.  Necro Field Inspector kicked off the song, followed by Bear Trap, then Jax Killaton & Octaboss split their verse with upcoming star, Clown Loaf.

We caught up with featured artist, Clown Loaf who had a brief 4 bar verse later in the track. Here’s what he had to say

clown loaf logo

Deadshark:  It’s been a while since we heard a track from the patch, what brought you all together for this song?

Clown Loaf: Well I was at work when I got the call from Bear Trap.  He said “Yo fam, you ready?”  So I quit my job and met them all at the studio.  Turns out I probably didn’t have to quit my job, but at the end of the day, it was worth it.  Much clown loaf.

Deadshark: Is it safe to say that you’re an official member of the Punkin Patch?  Or are you just a featured artist?

Clown Loaf:  Naw it’s always been a dream of mine to join the Punkin Patch.  It’s been an honor just to be on 2 songs now.  I actually dream of it every night.  And sometimes I just walking around screaming LET ME IN, LET ME IN. But I’m going to be patient.  Right now they consider me a prospect.  I actually have a tattoo of two tally marks on my neck.  One for each song i’ve been on.  Much Clown Loaf.

Deadshark:  What’s next for Clown Loaf?

Clown Loaf:  Well until I’m actually a member, I need to find a new job.  But just so they all know, I would quit my job in a second for another chance to be part of The Punkin Patch.  Any day.  Much clown loaf.

Check out The Punkin Patch’s video for Whoop Whoop Anthem below


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