Enter Foul Mouth Record’s Audio Rap Battle


Critkal and Inhansed have teamed up to present Foul Mouth Records audio rap battle tournament. Prizes include free beats, graphic/cover art, spot on the Foul Mouth mixtape, collaboration with Critikal And/Or Inhansed, and a chance to sign with Foul Mouth Records. The rules are as followed:

  • Your track must be submitted the day before the date specified in the pinned post
  • To enter, you must like the Foul Mouth page  (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Foul-Mouth/750043055093501)
  • Please have patience as we gather opponents
  • No, you may not “join in” next round
  • Must add Nick Critikal & Inhansed Etheridge on Facebook(facebook.com/lakitirc & facebook.com/inhansedmusic)
  • No personal advertising in the group without admin’s consent
  • Keep trash talk to a minimum
  • Your diss track cannot go over 4 minutes or automatic DQ
  • Your track is to diss your opponent to the best of your ability (No normal songs)
  • Breaking any of the rules will result in a ban or automatic DQ
  • You will be judged by Critikal, Inhansed & Symbiotic, you will be judged on your punchlines, flow, and lyrical skill.

You can enter the contest by heading over to www.facebook.com/groups/jointhebattle.
Sources: Faygoluvers.net


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