Paint My Face & Smoke Some Weed

Have you ever just wanted to paint your face and smoke some weed?  Quit your job, ride a train, buy some sheep, or bitch slap the moon?  Well, The Punkin Patch as a song for you. Fresh off of their debut album, Clown Bait, this mellow single hits home with some compelling lyrics, eye opening conspiracy theories and face painting inspiration.


Resident producer, Jax Killaton kicks off the song with a verse that digs deep into your soul, bringing to light some issues he has with the government and situations and scenarios you’ve never even thought about with past presidents.

Next you hear the angelic voice of the patch’s newest pal, Birth Cannon.  She sings a series of choruses, ever changing with a  new message in each hook.  This is followed by a shocking and breath taking verse from a Patch original, Necro Field Inspector.   He takes you through a journey of ill lyrics, lung stopping punch lines and meteoric metaphors that will literally give you brain cancer.


After an eyeball melting second chorus from Cannon, we introduce you to yet another new addition to the family, Clown Loaf.  He takes you down his path of destruction with an unwashed array of lyrics that will leave you begging for a bunch of weed.  To corroborate this life changing verse, the punkin patch has released a limited one-of-a-kind Clown Loaf special edition tee.  Get yours in time for the holiday.

CLICK HERE to get your limited time only Clown Loaf tee today
CLICK HERE to download your own copy of The Punkin Patch‘s debut album, Clown Bait

clown loaf screen shot


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