Get your OFFICIAL #DeadSharkRecords T Shirt!

The Deadshark official t shirt is now available for purchase!  Just in time for the holidays, get yourself a very wicked and wicked fashionable shirt, available in all colors and sizes.  Imagine how happy your grandmother would be to walk around the fucking house on christmas morning in nothing but a brand new deashark tee.  Imagine punching your bitch of a step dad across the kitchen while wearing your official deadshark apparel!  Imagine smearing organic peanut butter all over you face then sticking cotton balls to your forehead as you look fresh in your brand new deadshark shirt.  What better shirt to wear while you run through the city scream-crying at every pigeon you see while feeling dapper in your brand new shirt?  Isn’t it time to throw away those old overalls and replace them with a fresh new deadshark shirt?  We think so… SO WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Special thanks to The Punkin Patch for hosting our shirt in their online store.  Be sure to check them out on soundcloud, youtube, iTunes and all that.  They make awesome music.

deadshark shirt


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