ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Revelate – New EP “Verses That Reverse the Curses Mixtape Volume 1”


This is a 2 track EP which is first in a series of several mixtapes to be released in an ongoing collection from Cleveland rapper Revelate. Revelate is a one man hip hop experiment with only one goal, to open people’s eyes and show them that we can make a change and strive for a better world to live in. This is conscious hip hop for those who can appreciate music that actually has a message. Remember when hip hop had a message? Remember when it didn’t revolve around degrading women and drug abuse? Hip hop fell victim to many subgenres… crunk, hyphey, trap, just to name a few. It’s time to bring back the days of old.

Released 18 November 2014

All music and lyrics were produced, written and recorded by Revelate.


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