The Trailer For @WuTangClan’s “A Better Tomorrow”

The Trailor For @WuTangClan’s “A Better Tomorrow”

If there are no second acts in American life, no one told the RZA. Over twenty years after Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, the Clan from Shaolin is set to release their sixth group album, A Better Tomorrow. Today, they unveiled the title track. “A Better Tomorrow” samples “Wake Up Everybody,” by Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes; RZA’s production preserves Teddy Pendergrass’ lead vocals for the hook.

The odds are against a decades-old rap group, never mind one with eight surviving members and the clashing egos thereof. But “A Better Tomorrow” has an impressively unified ethos. To hear Raekwon rap about justice for those brutalized by police is to hear a grizzled veteran who never lost his vitality. And when Method Man tells you to “Wake up, get a hold of your life,” you listen.

A Better Tomorrow came out Dec. 2.



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