Gathering pics

The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2014


We are hanging out with the juggalo fam at GOTJ2014 for the next couple days..  we’ll be posting pics of some of the performances & some chill fam we meet out here #DeadSharkRecords is here yall!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

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10014552_574450495997373_8472328073003598587_n  10403388_767943773258315_3648810096429294166_n 10513407_574345399341216_6822784199377319827_n 10527353_574393906003032_3381376307823331587_n 10550938_816891318343391_1238139065612668512_n 10569009_574450509330705_3196671225619896435_n 10570297_10152487583619471_6659948782858851254_n  juggagong


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